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Correct use of sunglasses. When to take them off

2017-01-18 14:40:11 0 By: Angel Times Read: 901

Sunglasses, in most cases, have the function to protect our eyes from the exposure to the sun. We will try to expose the correct use of sunglasses on this short article.


Sunglasses, always on?

   We can say that the correct use of the sunglasses has rules very similar to the rules of use of the hat. From what we can see daily many people are not yet too familiar with the politically correct use of their sunglasses.

   Sunglasses, in most cases, have a function of protecting our eyes from the exposures of the sun's rays and the harmful radiation that the sun can produce in them. In many other cases, the use of sunglasses is due to simple aesthetic reasons. In any case, the correct use of the glasses should be the same.

The sunglasses should always be used in open places, and we should avoid enter wearing them in any closed place, be it a restaurant, a church, a shop, etc. Of course cases of eye injury or any other medical reason are exceptions.

They should be removed whenever we talk to another person, whether on the street or anywhere else. It is a lack of education to remain with the glasses on while we chat with another person.

   This is especially true when we are being introduced to another person, we must take off the sunglasses for education. It does not matter whether is a man or a woman.

   If we go dressed in etiquette, it is best that we forget to use this type of glasses, except for reasons of force majeure, such as eye injuries or diseases (unless you belong to the men in black team).

   When we do not wear sunglasses, it is best to always leave them in the pocket of the jacket, in its case or in the bag, etc. Avoid putting them on the table of a restaurant, or on a chair or sofa as they are very easily misplaced and lost.

   If we take our glasses off for a moment to talk or say hello, do not play with them, suck the sideburns or make similar gestures, which are not politically correct, this will not be a correct use of sunglasses.

   Sunglasses or dark glasses should only be used indoors or in front of other people when there is a medical reason to justify it.

   And to finish, the sunglasses, are a beautiful and easy to wear accessory that is designed for sunny environments, we have discussed the correct use of sunglasses, but if you want to use them indoor or during the night it is ultimately your decision, at the end, you are the one that are wearing them, right?


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